Weekend Wrap-Up

It feels like I climbed a mountain when in actuality I just got the bare basics done – and not even all of it ‘cuz I still haven’t put away any of the laundry as they continue to sit in teetering piles.

Saturday, September 26
媽咪 MaMa Chan wanted to celebrate the Mid-Autumn / Moon Festival early so that my auntie could join us. As requested, she wanted take-out from her favorite restaurant in Chinatown, Asian Garden.

The Mister and I had to figure out the timing so that we could fit in a nap, lunch and chasing bubbles in the baseball field time for the kiddo as well as prepping some sesame glutinous rice balls (aka 汤圆 tang yuan) that 爸爸 Baba Chan requested. And, in the back of my mind, I was hoping enough time would be left to fit in a workout. I know, so basic.

In the end, all was accomplished except for the workout. The sacrifice. I mean, if I’d tried harder to not d*ck around, I could’ve probably done it all.

Mid-Autumn Festival family dinner celebration.

But, dinner was great. There was clams in black bean sauce, salted baked chicken, steamed greens, string beans with beef short rib, fish fillet with mixed vegetables, and chicken cauliflower stir-fry. For dessert, I busted out the sesame glutinous rice balls – the only traditional dish I can make from scratch that the family actually enjoys (I’ll post the recipe soon).

The Mister and I decided to give keto a break and partook in every last bite.

Sunday, September 27
The morning wasn’t planned out well enough. So, the Mister and I ended up heading to the supermarket much later in the day. We stocked up on family packs of chicken and beef because they were on sale (!!!) and…keto ice cream bars (these Enlightened peanut butter chocolate chip bars make keto so much easier to stick with).

We’ve definitely turned into our immigrant parents since the pandemic. I guess that’s how it happens.

Luckily and conveniently, we have a freezer chest. Initially, it was used to house the kiddo’s boob milk. Who knew it’d have a second, more exciting use?

Anyhow, Sunday night was spent parceling out the meats and freezing them.


when beef & chicken go ##onsale — turning into our ##immigrantparents // ##pandemiclife

♬ Woah – KRYPTO9095

One day, I’ll get back to my reading list and…artwork.

So, how was your weekend?