All Love for The Mandalorian

Finally watched The Mandalorian‘s final episode of season 2 last night after putting the kiddo to sleep and…OMG – what a ride from beginning, middle and end. I tried so hard to avoid the spoilers, but there was a major one that popped up in my Twitter feed that I couldn’t avoid in time so when it came to that part it wasn’t as fun. But, it was still exciting nonetheless.

Truth be told, while I was working on Star Wars character designs during my time at Mimoco, I never actually watched all the movies. So, to do my due diligence, I found all the prequel and classic episodes and had a Star Wars marathon to study up. I watched them all except for the final prequel episode because it was so joyless. To this day, I can’t bring myself to slog through that final installment. It sits untouched in the dvd case.

As a whole, I found the series to be…meh. All this love for Boba Fett and he was only in a scene for five seconds? I didn’t get it.

Fast forward to the release in 2016 of Rogue One. That movie slayed. I absolutely loved it. The story was written well and I actually cared about all the characters. Plus, it was a fun ride.

Then, The Rise of Skywalker drops with so much anticipation. The old gang – Leia, Han, Luke and Chewbacca – are back along with new characters who were…Asian and Black! Yes, to finally including people who aren’t White. But the story was clunky and I was super disappointed with how Rose and Finn were relegated to the background while this weird romance that was never developed took center stage at the end. What was I watching?

I was left in a sea of meh again so I rewatched Rogue One to keep the faith that Star Wars was worth it.

But then…but then…The Mandalorian releases, aka the only reason why I subscribe to Disney+ and even open the app.

That series has everything. It’s funny and fun. There’s Grogu / The Child / Baby Yoda whose little baby cheeks I just want to squish. I root for all the characters. Most of all, that love the Mandalorian – and everyone – has for Grogu gets to my heart…heart – that’s what it has.

Bravo to the writing and art teams for creating a Star Wars universe that has transformed me into a Star Wars fan. Finally.