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“Our” Social Distancing Normal Comic Making Process

@emptybamboogirl #comicstrip #cartoon #stopasianhate #stopaapihate #sketch #procreate #boston #comicartist #process ♬ Creative – SmiLE Here’s a little peek into the process I went through making my latest comic.

Living life with new energy

I just applied for an art grant and I usually don’t because I’m lazy…you have to write out all this information, but I decided to just give it a go. what’s there to lose? these days, i’m trying to live my life with that privileged frat boy energy where everything is mine mine mine whether […]

A walk-thru of my vaccine comic strip

@emptybamboogirl Check out final at! #comics #comicstrip #cartoon #illustration #drawing #procreate #art #vaccine #boston #sketch ♬ Winnie the Pooh (From “Winnie the Pooh”) – Cover Kid Here I am walking thru the process from pencil sketch to final comic of BaBa Chan Gets a Spot on the Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-Out.

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the book I need. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote down the words that have changed the way I think about my creative life, which I struggle with a lot. I’m always questioning whether my work is good enough? does it look right? is it lame? These are paralyzing thoughts to have because I end up […]

Vaccine comic strip in process

@emptybamboogirl #comicstrip #cartoon #sketch #pencil #drawing #art #boston #vaccine #pandemic ♬ Winnie the Pooh (From “Winnie the Pooh”) – Cover Kid It’s been a long while since my last comic strip but here’s one I’m working on. I’ll be throwing up more of my in progress work from here on out. This piece will be […]

That Lunar New Year Candy Tray…

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lillian Lee (@emptybamboogirl) is actually called a tray of togetherness. But, I only ever knew it as that candy tray my mom would bust out and fill with traditional and more fun candies during Lunar New Year. And now that I have a kid of my […]

I ate too many pork rinds…

and now I’m yeet hay AF. In Cantonese, 熱氣 “yeet hay” literally translates to “hot air” but refers more to your energy levels. In traditional Chinese culture, it is believed there is Yin (cold) and Yang (hot) energy in food. When your body has too much “yang,” it becomes imbalanced. Some cooling tea helps but […]

On Self-Sabotage

@emptybamboogirl Doing dumb shit #selfsabotage #wacom #design #illustration #art #graphicdesign #digitalart ♬ original sound – emptybamboogirl Since I’ve given birth, I’ve developed this super hero power of placing things in illogical spots and then not remembering where to find them. Case in point, I finally found my headphones the other day…in the pantry. But a […]

Lunar New Year Zodiac Animals Coming Soon

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lillian Lee (@emptybamboogirl) I’m working on a new project that will be releasing soon – just in time for lunar new year. Follow my on my IG for more and stay tuned 😀