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January 25, 2021

That’s Not My Name

I absolutely love how savage kids have become. I am here for it. Thinking about a girl from camp 15 years ago called Xiu whose..
January 8, 2021

Keeping Things in Perspective

“If you’re going to fail, fail in your professional life and not in your personal life.” Unknown Navigating life is hard but sometimes you just..
December 31, 2020

A Little Reminder for 2021

“Don’t worry about big ideas, keep making stuff. Build little things, build prototypes, makes sketches.” Ben Chestnut …because I need this energy for 2021.
December 22, 2020

On Waiting for Permission

“Stop waiting for something to happen or for someone to give you permission to do things.” Kate Kendall
December 18, 2020

On Life Quote

Thank you Tina Roth / Swiss Miss. I really needed to hear this today:
December 15, 2020

The “Shit Sandwich” Quote

This quote swissmiss posted is everything. It’s not about what you’re passionate about. It’s about the shit you’re willing to take for it. Can’t wait..
December 10, 2020


“I’m not here for your purpose. I’m here for mine.” BrenĂ© Brown
December 7, 2020


“Just because the world is White does not mean your world has to be.” Emmanuel Ocho
December 2, 2020

This About Sums It Up

“You can kiss my indecisive ass crack.” Dr. Dre
Quote of the day
"I'm not here for your purpose. I'm here for mine." ~Brene Brown

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