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Books by and about Asians and Asian Americans

@emptybamboogirl Visit #books #asians #asianamerican #read ♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa I really like how NPR Books Concierge is set up so I wanted to do a version based off that. I’ll be adding books that pop up in my Twitter feed. This is an easier way for me to […]

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the book I need. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote down the words that have changed the way I think about my creative life, which I struggle with a lot. I’m always questioning whether my work is good enough? does it look right? is it lame? These are paralyzing thoughts to have because I end up […]

Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho

In the middle of this book which is a good sign because there were a couple other books that I started and had to ghost after the first few pages. Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho is kinda like Crazy Rich Asians in terms of the income level of these characters, which I find fascinating […]

White Ivy by Susie Yang

I finished this book in a few days because it’s that good. One of the main reasons why I added this to my library e-reads is because it’s set in Boston – and not the Good Will Hunting / Southie kind of Boston, but the Boston with a Chinese immigrant family. Thank you Susie Yang […]