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Instant Pot Must-Have

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I talked my gal pal into getting this round metal utility cart from Target when she joined our Instant Pot club cuz that’s what you do when you’re not in your 20s or 30s anymore…you pressure cook / air fry shit.

Round Metal Utility Cart - Made By Design™ at

The cart seems stupid, but when you have a small kitchen and countertop space is at a premium, then this thing is a gawd send.

We have the 8qt Duo Crisp and it fits. We wheel it around to the outlet to start cooking – no need to heft the pot in / out. We leave it in the cart. Just click on the breaks and you’re good to go.

Once done, we wheel it back to where it’s out of the way.

Anything to make life a little less annoying is a win.

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