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Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho

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In the middle of this book which is a good sign because there were a couple other books that I started and had to ghost after the first few pages.

Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho is kinda like Crazy Rich Asians in terms of the income level of these characters, which I find fascinating anyway since I am no where near that, but I’m invested in the main character, Andrea, so I gotta see her storyline through.

Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho

You can check out my reading list here. I’ve got more rom coms, a book about dinosaurs and finally finishing Charles Yu’s Interior Chinatown that I need to get to.

Also, can I give a shout out to the BPL and the Libby app? They are the only reasons why I’ve started gorging on books this past year. I just wait for ebooks to become available or try something new.

UPDATE: Blazed through the rest of the book on a Saturday afternoon while the kiddo was napping. I couldn’t put it down. It’s the romcom that I was waiting for – and it even had comics woven into the storyline!

It felt like a mash-up of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Crazy Rich Asians.

My only wish was that there would’ve been just a little bit more shown of the relationship between Andrea and her love interest. It wasn’t obvious but, at the same time, it was obvious. I wanted more moments.

Anyhow, it was just nice to “see” in my head a non-White couple falling in love. More please!

My favorite line from the book:

And establishing dominance must be done in a classy, indirect, subtle way, like farting.

Andrea Tang

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