Slim Jim Squealin’ Hot Pork Rinds Review [VIDEO]

The Mister and I have been doing keto since May. We both have baby weight we need to drop and so far, so good. But, we also still enjoy snacking.

I kept seeing these Slim Jim Squealin’ Hot Pork Rinds pop up in my Amazon feed. Finally, we decided to order a bag in one of our Wholefoods delivery orders and try it out. What’s the verdict?

Ummm…we we ended up going straight to the Slim Jim source and ordering a giant box.

Just witness our ridiculousness.


Did I order enough slimjim #porkrinds ? 🐖 #keto #lowcarb #nom #snack #yum

♬ Taste – Tyga

They are my ultimate fave snack. They could be spicier but the seasoning and the texture of the pork rinds – light and crisp – are on point. I reach for these instead of the boujee, expensive Schoolyard Snacks Flaming Hot Cheese Puffs we ordered a few weeks ago…those are not delicious. I need to figure out how to repurpose those suckers…maybe as breading for fried chicken?

I’m quickly learning what my pandemic coping mechanisms are: primarily, ordering bulk keto snack items. I mean, since May I’ve lost almost 16lbs of baby weight so it’s money well spent, no?

How are you coping with the pandemic as we go into November? Also, has anyone tried these? If so, what do you think?


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