Behind-the-scenes: “What did the Chinese tamale say to the Mexican zong?”

Here’s a little peek at the process for how the Chinese tamale comic came together:

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Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

I’m realizing that I wouldn’t be able to make it to space because of…motion sickness…bummer. Apparently, this takes out a lot of astronauts when they first arrive in space and then once they return to earth.

This is a mesmerizing read of the mundane but important things that astronauts have to go through and consider when suiting up for zero gravity.

–> Packing for Mars by Mary Roach


My Top 10 Fave News Articles

These are my favorite all-time favorite news articles that I’ve read.

  1. A Fungus Is Pushing Cicada Sex Into Hyperdrive And Leaving Them Dismembered
    by Karen Zamora (NPR, 2021)

    The original: This Parasite Drugs Its Hosts With the Psychedelic Chemical in Shrooms. It also makes their butts fall off
    by Ed Yong (The Atlantic, 2018)


Ever Green meme: On Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

This about sums it up. I had to.


The Fear

My BaBa has a doc appointment in town on Wednesday and is adamant about going by himself. Since he’s been fully vaccinated he’s been making secret trips into town to grab his prescription and whatnot.

I’m legit F*n scared for him.

Friends have been sharing recent experiences of being verbally harassed and, just today, someone shared news of an assault that resulted in a trip to the ER. All these episodes of racism have occurred right in Boston.

I’m worried for the old man, but he doesn’t seem at all concerned about the rise of anti-Asian attacks. To him, it’s nothing new…something to just put up with because it’s not like he’s never experienced being yelled at or even assaulted.

I can’t contain him. I can only hope he’ll be ok.

The world is seriously F*d up.



“Our” Social Distancing Normal Comic Making Process


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Here’s a little peek into the process I went through making my latest comic.


fuck your bad day

tired and fed up of the unending verbal and physical assaults against the Asian and Asian American community even with the mass murder of six Asian women.

designed this to express my anger and frustrations but also to raise $ for the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA).

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Living life with new energy

I just applied for an art grant and I usually don’t because I’m lazy…you have to write out all this information, but I decided to just give it a go. what’s there to lose?

these days, i’m trying to live my life with that privileged frat boy energy where everything is mine mine mine whether I deserve it or not.


Stop AAPI Hate!


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From the west coast to the east coast, verbal and physical assaults on the AAPI community have increased. But, let’s be honest, since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been the targets. What’s infuriating now is the target on our elderly. Just yesterday, it was reported that a 69 year old Asian man was assaulted in Quincy, MA:

Now, more than ever we need to amplify our voices because no one’s going to amplify it for us. Stop AAPI Hate!

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Books by and about Asians and Asian Americans


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I really like how NPR Books Concierge is set up so I wanted to do a version based off that. I’ll be adding books that pop up in my Twitter feed. This is an easier way for me to organize so I created it for myself really because I need books by and about Asians and Asian Americans sorted too – not in one lump.